Aviation Fuel Information

Our business model is simple: buy the fuel and mark it up $ .25/gallon. (We do not change the price based on the price of oil.) Providing all the tools for the pilot to handle the aircraft, we offer tugs (and training for use), PRIST, Single Point, and over-the-wing fueling.

There are no charges for landing or ramp fees. Overnight fees are $10 per night; $40 per week; or $80 per month for piston tie downs. Jet space is located very close to the fuel island and is $25 per night; $150 per week; and $550 per month.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and multi-serve (inside only) for payment. We can meet you and your aircraft to walk you through the fueling and parking process. We are happy to assist… just give us a call or stop by the office on site.

Our Phillips fuel is maintained and tested before it enters our tank to the high quality that Phillips demands. Phillips fuel is backed by a $75,000,000 insurance policy, and we carry the same insurance levels as the large national FBOs.

Who better to service your aircraft than you, the pilot? The self service model allows you to maintain the aircraft your way, and allows us to keep our prices lower for you.

golf-tug-Our Golf Cart tug is Perfect for aircraft up to 6,000 lbs.

large-tug -Our Large tug for aircraft 6,000 – 36,000 lbs.

prist-We have a PRIST injector for aircraft requiring PRIST. No more trying to figure out how much you need.

aviation-fuel-Single point refueling.